One of Europe’s last undiscovered Island and metropolise.

We are located approximately 1,000 km from the European mainland and just 500 km from the African continente. Madeira Archipelado has many things to do. Madeira Island, 57 km in length and 22 km in width, has an area of 741 km². The island of Porto Santo, 11 km in length and 6 km in width, has an area of 42.48 km².

With more than 30 flights arriving from myriad destinations per day, it’s easy to access this sublime destination in Portugal Atlantic venue. As well as being steeped in tradition and holding its arms wide open to the rest of the Atlantic Islands, like Canarias, Madeira itself, has in PortoSanto Island, the best bech in Southern Europe. 9 km of golden beach and a calm, crystal-clear sea with pleasant temperatures has put Porto Santo’s beach on the map of paradise destinations. It was voted “best dune beach” in the “7 Marvels – Beaches of Portugal” contest. However, no award can replace the experience of a visit.

Madeira Islands geographic location and mountainous terrain provide its amazingly mild climate, ranging from 25°C in the summer to 17°C in the winter, with very mild average temperatures and moderate humidity.

Madeira embraces every visitor with open arms, offering unique moments which will leave anyone’s heart full of joy. More than just a trip, it is a collection of memories.

Some moments become even more unforgettable when they are shared with the right people, at the right time and in the right atmosphere.