The people of Madeira know how to celebrate, and are skilled in the art of hosting. To offset their famous peace and tranquillity, there are a number of celebrations and an extensive entertainment calendar throughout the entire year. Come and drink a classic Madeira “poncha”, relax and take full advantage of the events which fill the island with colour and animation.

Here are just some examples of the island’s better known events. However, in addition to these, don’t forget about the many others over the rest of the year which make the Madeira Islands a destination of unending festivities.


Take on a new identity for the day by wearing a mask and participating in the Carnival parades. On Saturday, you can watch or participate in the most famous and best known Allegorical Parade. On Carnival Tuesday, join the locals and have fun in the traditional Trapalhão parade, combining creativity with the constant joy and enthusiasm felt during this time of year.


Celebrating spring and the exuberant blossoming typical of this time of year, made even more intense by its subtropical climate, the island chain sets the stage for a sumptuous spectacle called the Flower Festival. In the city of Funchal, dozens of floats, adorned with a variety of flowers native to the island, parade down the avenue and leave soft scents in the air. Madeira’s artists make flower mats which are displayed on the streets, with storefront decoration contests and countless performances of traditional music. There is always lots of activity and fun to celebrate this time of year, which is so symbolic of the island. In addition, at this time, the festive climate and the presence of flowers can be felt across the entire island.

Come experience and celebrate springtime!


In August / September, come discover the secrets of Madeira wine by participating in the Wine Festival’s celebrations and activities. Grape picking is one of the experiences you won’t want to miss, and can even take part in. Be sure to try this famous wine which is the delight of so many, and let it dazzle you.


The month of December on Madeira features a tremendous number of festivities. Christmas decorations, street entertainment, a festive atmosphere and spectacular fireworks make this one of the region’s most special times of year. Come experience Madeira’s traditions and culture by joining the local joy and fun and watching the grandiose fireworks display, officially recognized by the Guinness Record Book as one of the biggest in the world. Without doubt, this is an unforgettable experience!


In September, Porto Santo hosts the Columbus Festival, an authentic historical recreation of the 16th century, a time marked by Columbus’ visit to the island. The vast schedule of festivities includes several music concerts, a 16th-century market, exotic dances, games, street entertainment, exhibits and parades where entertainment is a guarantee and the hustle and bustle never ends. There are many reasons to join the party and let yourself be enthralled by traditional costumes from the time.


The Atlantic Festival event marks the start of Madeira’s summer season. It features a collection of musical firework shows on each of the four Saturdays of the month of June. This event, which combines fireworks and music, is a pleasant experience for visitors and residents alike. Come see these seaside shows in the wonderful city of Funchal.


The purpose of the latest event on the annual tourist calendar is to inspire more active visitors to explore nature in every possible way. By mountain, air or sea, there are more than enough options, and everyone can experience activities from a variety of offerings including hikes, paragliding, sailing and much more.

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